Shoji Screen Daydream: a short time-lapse movie


About the shoji
I recently made a pair of shoji screens for the carriage doors in my shop. I used scrap cherry, maple, and douglas fir along with synthetic shoji paper. A shoji screen becomes a marvelous canvas for the play of shadows and light. The little grid design in the center of this shoji has no meaning or significance - just a design that appealed to me. The other one (below) has a Japanese character for tree.

About the movie
As I love photography and making short movies almost as much as woodworking, I thought it would be interesting to capture how the appearance of the shoji changes throughout the day. So, voila - my first time-lapse movie... I used a tripod and took 127 photos at random intervals throughout the day while finishing up a bench project in my shop. I used the no-flash setting and automatic ISO. I edited the photos in iMovie. The first part of the movie is the normal dawn-to-dusk time sequence. You see the slow movement of shadows cast by tree branches, wires, and a large billboard. After the first pass, I jumbled the time sequence and speed a bit. One of the coolest things about this, I think, is that I didn't alter or edit the photos one bit; the colors and exposures are exactly as they came off the camera. I'm red-green color blind, and even I'm amazed at the range of hues illuminated by the shoji paper over the course of the day. The song in the clip is 'Stars and Sons' by Broken Social Scene.

* * * * *

Here are shots of the window without the shoji as well as the screen for the other door.

carriage doors inside detailDSC_6561

January 2012