Out with the new and in with the old!

carriage doors outside

carriage doors inside

carriage doors inside detail

I recently finished making carriage doors for my garage shop. Happily gone is the old overhead door and all the bulky stuff that came with it. Probably the biggest benefit is how much more natural light I now have. The doors also give me more overhead space, better insulation, and a definite upgrade in appearance. Meant to look like traditional frame and panel construction from the outside, the doors are really just a sandwich of plywood and a simple frame of 2x6 dimensioned lumber clad with painted pine on the outside and cedar paneling on the inside. Rigid foam insulation fills the voids in the frame behind the cedar. I still have some trim work to do on the outside and need to add some weatherstripping, but the doors are pretty much done. Feels like a huge improvement and time well spent.

Happy holidays from Spruce Street,


December 2010

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